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My Bucket List:

49. Dine in the palace of a Maharaja, as his personal guest.

Of course, I know that this wish is not likely to come to fruition. But, if you can’t be a guest at the Maharaja’s palace, it’s surely a close second to have his jeweler as a guest at yours!

This week it was my pleasure to host Sudi Singhvi, the youngest descendant of a very long and prestigious dynasty of jewelers to the Maharajas of India. For five generations, the patriarchs of Sudi’s family have been trading stones with the Maharajas and creating decadent, new confections to satisfy their royal appetite for sparkle and extravagance. The Singhvis are natural virtuosos of splendor and allure and after 165 years, these gifts have become virtually woven into their DNA.

Sudi Singhvi

Sudi Singhvi


In 1989 Sudi decided to expand the business by capitalizing on the strong relationships that he had formed with American jet-setters, who had purchased his sumptuous creations in New Delhi. A few well-placed telephone calls later, Sudi’s bags were packed and he began meeting in private American homes with small groups of hand-picked clientele. His jewels are a staple for the Grande Dames of the states. He is much too shy and humble to mention names, but those who know-know!



Sudi’s great great grandfather, Lala Manak Chand Singhvi


Sudi’s great grandfather,Lala Guljari Lal Singhvi

Recently, Sudi added works in semi precious stones to update the collection. He also added a website so that his customers can purchase  jewelry without having to wait for his annual visit. Shhhhhh! It’s: www.singhvijewels.com.

If you are lucky enough to be invited to one of these gatherings, you should consider it an honor. Just talking with Sudi is a thrill. I love hearing about the history of his famous family and anecdotes from all the places that he’s been. He really is charming…so, so charming! I am privileged to call him a new friend.




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Headgear of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh


The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra