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http://a-l-ancien-regime.tumblr.com/archiveWhenever I begin an image search for my “lovely library” I am always amazed at the copious amounts of masterful art and design material that man has created over the centuries.  There once was a time when one must travel to Spain to view a finely embroidered flamenco skirt, or Provence, to observe the vibrant shade of blue that is created by rubbing woad on a farm-house shutter. From the elaborately designed pagodas of the Far East, to the sleek minimalism of a Karl Springer cocktail table, the world has become my oyster. And it can be just that without my having to leave my livingroom. The internet has opened more than just doors for me.  It has given me the opportunity to become a backseat Auntie Mame. In the words of my favorite Broadway character, “Life’s a banquet, and most poor suckers are starving to death.”  Not me…I have Wifi !http://whatchathinkaboutthat.tumblr.com/archivehttp://a-l-ancien-regime.tumblr.com/archivehttp://a-l-ancien-regime.tumblr.com/archivehttp://whatchathinkaboutthat.tumblr.com/archivehttp://whatchathinkaboutthat.tumblr.com/archivetumblr_mjvjpnuMmX1qa3061o1_500




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