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Olatz describes herself as Basque-born and Paris –raised, which might be the secret to her lovely sense of aesthetic. When Julian Schnabel first laid eyes on the beautiful Olatz, he must have been captivated by what he perceived to be art personified. For, she is just that, in manner, appearance and capacity for self-expression.  Olatz possesses the ultimate in classic beauty. Maybe it’s the way that the outer corners of her eyes turn upward, or the manner in which she smiles (ever so slightly) with her full pouty lips. Maybe, it’s the poise of her tall slim figure, swathed in billowing silk chiffon that makes me look upon this creature and feel that she is elegance defined.  But, she takes us further, as she mixes her Basque- born intuition with a Paris-raised tutelage to create the most sumptuous interiors that I have ever seen. She dares the visitor to explore her design with giant works of art and poetic antiques set against vast negative spaces. Every corner, every angle, every viewpoint hums a melody, and the overall impression is that of a full on operatic drama. Her talent gives me pause…

19well-olatz-slide-AV1N-jumbo19well-olatz-slide-CXPA-jumbo19well-olatz-slide-2PQH-jumboschn.slide.1503642webphoto-logoOlatz puts her talent to work designing interiors, silk lingere and bedding out of her New York shop.LongSilkSlips-1LongSilkRobe-1AntoniaCollection-2TSilkShirts-1http://homeinexteriors.blogspot.com/2010/08/want-olatz-schnabel-bedroom.htmlhttp://homeinexteriors.blogspot.com/2010/08/want-olatz-schnabel-bedroom.html