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You MUST tune in to my obsession of 2012! I feel as if I am the only American who knows about this. I discovered” Made in Chelsea” when my friend Lucy who lives in Wales started calling me Caggie (with absolutely no clear basis)! Never the less, there have been 3 seasons of Made in Chelsea in the British broadcasting area. I have watched them ALL (and some Jamie episodes twice!) via a website that streams shows from the U.K..  I’m truly jonesing for Season 4. Now, this twenty something crowd of “British Pretties” have come to the U.S. on STYLE! It’s on right now to be exact! Hurry turn it on!The first season Gang

The quirky Ollie. He’s just a lot of fun. He makes me laugh out loud!My (by far) favorite, Jamie. He seems a bit ADD at first, but by season 3 he is both dashing and adorable. And for those ladies who are closer to my age…Yes, he does have a father (who sells exotic travel excursions) Hmmm…Wonder what he looks like?

Yes, 2 pictures for Jamie!The lovely Caggie, a true beauty.My second favorite, Francis- so witty, so smart!Caggie and lovely Millie MacKintosh.The bad boy, Spencer.

Everybody’s best friend, Hugo Taylor.

You must become obssessed too!