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 I’d love to hear from you!Last month, I found myself running through Charles de Gaul, late again, with hair hopelessly disheveled. My trench coat, having been removed, replaced, twisted around my waist, thrown over my shoulder, wrinkled and tucked under my arm, was now, trailing behind me, dragging across floor, like Linus in an incredibly insecure moment.  Low and behold, even in my most disoriented state, I was able to channel my inner compass, and find that last chance newstand where I could grab a coveted copy of the current Paris Vogue.  October’s issue was particularly lovely and included a supplement for”enfants”  that inspired a yearning for the Alps and the post below.

Vogue- Paris, October 2012 (Supplement Enfants)

-Daniels Antiques in Aspen,CO

Via: The Essence of the Good life


Via:Chalet de Fermes de Marie