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     Lately, I am so intrigued by Anna Dello Russo, the 50 year old ( Yes, I said 50 year old ) Editor-at-Large and Creative Consultant at Japanese Vogue, who launched her line of bold and gold accessories this fall at H&M. I’m not sure if it’s her unabashed ability to express herself through style, or her choice of provocative motifs ( like snake bracelets and dominatrix boots) that makes me stop-take notice and say- COOL ! But, ultimately, that’s what Anna Dello Russo is, the cool girl- the one who exudes her crystal clear inner compass and who doesn’t even notice the frenzy of people around her. She’s the girl that always knows what she wants and doesn’t waste one moment contemplating being anybody but herself. Besides, who else do you know that can scribble a signature using “double letter drama” in all three parts of her name. -Now, that’s VERY COOL!