Lets go shopping!ChateauImage

This one is only 1.600,000 Euros. 25 rooms, 10 bedrooms. Hmmm- Maybe it’s just a bit too big grey.

Now, Normandy is nice. Lots of charme!


The cost is a mere 1,060,000 Euros. Very cozy. Maybe its too expensive small.  Only six bedrooms, where would all my princes sleep?


I love this one. It has such a sweet little chapel. It can be ours for 4,750,000 euros. Way too much money gardening. Who would do that? Not me, I’m just a looker.


Now this is cute! For only 1,290,000 Euros we can swim. But someone might skinny dip fall in.


Normandy again. This one looks enticing. Does it come with a staff furnished?…Hmmm I just don’t think we’ve found the right one yet!  We will shop again another day!

All properties listed on Group Mercure Real Esate at agencemercure.co.uk.com