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The only bit of Jean Paul Gaultier that I have even been able to afford was in the form of a 12 ounce can of Diet Coke. I happend to be in Paris this fall when the couture cans hit the bistros. Silly as it sounds, I couldn’t help but imagine myself the absolute picture of glamour, as I strolled down Boulevard Housmann with my Hermes scarf billowing gently against the lapel of my perfect brown trenchcoat, all the while stylishly sipping my can of Jean Paul Gautier coke. I was born and raised in Atlanta- so, here’s to you Coca-Cola. This idea is a stroke of genius… Thanks for the Coke and a smile. And, no Madame, Pepsi will not be ok!

-The Keeper of the Little Red Diary 

Bottle designs for Robert Cavalli.
Via: luxpresso.com

Bottle for Moschino
Via: theblush.com

Bottles designed for Manolo Blahnik.
Via: luxpresso.com

Bottle for Nathalie Rykiel

Bottles designed for Diane Von Furstenberg.
Via: luxpresso.com