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chateau DumasChateau Dumas is my favorite place for a workshop getaway. I have been twice! Check out what they have to offer!

Chateau Dumas

Chateau Dumas

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Latest Obsession: Hilton Hollis



If you love luxurious fabrics, impeccable craftsmanship and clean, almost architectural lines –  and you aren’t wearing Hilton Hollis – Then you will be soon.

Hilton Hollis Fall 2015

Earlier this week, I had the opportunity to see both Hollis’ Fall 2015 collection, as well as, get a sneak peek at what he’s doing for Spring 2016. I took one look at the truly luxurious fabrics, which he imports mostly from Italy and Spain and the genius way that he cuts and constructs, and I was immediately obsessed! Sadly, photographs don’t do Hollis’ designs justice. They are something that you have to see and feel in person. The meaty weight of his fabrics coupled with a construction based on a seemingly architectural design aesthetic, work to ensure that the lines of each piece hold their integrity and remain crisp and clean against the body.The overall look is sophisticated and rich. Hilton Hollis should be a go to label for the girl who likes to look polished and fresh in all that she does. His work is simply gorgeous! But, This should be no surprise. When it comes to design, there is no better pedigree than that of a tried and true New Yorker with the twinkle of a deep south upbringing in his eye. It’s also worth mentioning, that as an American designer, Hilton Hollis includes sizes in his collection that many of the European designers disregard.  If you aren’t familiar with the Hilton Hollis label, it’s definitely worth a google search to find out who carries his line in your area.

Hilton Hollis Fall 2015


Hilton Hollis

Hilton Hollis fall 2015

Hilton Hollis

Designer Hilton Hollis

For a listing of stores that carry the Hilton Hollis line go to:


Some Lovely Bests….


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We are scouring the net for fashion, ideas and art that sparkle! Here are some of the best.

Best Classic Combo: Denim Dress and Gucci Loafers Found on

Best Classic Combo:
Denim Dress and Gucci Loafers
Found on

Found on

Best Vignette Design
Harmony, Rhythm, Contrast
Found on

Best Little Known (Master of Tomorrow) Artist: David Hollowell. Woman Dressing, 90"X 69", Pastel on Paper, 1987.

Best Little Known (Master of Tomorrow) Artist:
David Hollowell. Woman Dressing, 90″X 69″, Pastel on Paper, 1987.

Best Color Story: Chartreuse and MInt Found on

Best Color Story:
Chartreuse and MInt
Found on

Best Accessory: Andy Warhol's personal stationary. Found on

Best Accessory:
Andy Warhol’s personal stationary.
Found on

Best DYI: Natural insect repellent. Lavander,Rosemary, Peppermint, Basil Bracelet. Found on

Best DYI:
Natural insect repellent. Lavander,Rosemary, Peppermint, Basil Bracelet.
Found on

Best Restyle: Black Forrest Boots Found on

Best Restyle:
Black Forrest Boots
Found on

Best Party Food: Tomato and cheese Tulips Found on

Best Party Food:
Tomato and cheese Tulips
Found on

Best Advice Via Pia Getty on Pinterest

Best Advice
Via Pia Getty on Pinterest

Romantic Inspiration-Keep Your Sparkle Up


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Just a few romantic images to keep you inspired, as the dark hour comes earlier. Remember to keep your sparkle up.

Via: Paris, Prada,Pearls and perfume Tumbler

Via: Paris,Prada.Pearls and Perfume Tumbler



Books in a shop window


Romantic couple in Paris


Photo – Elizabeth Messina.


A Visit With the Jeweler to the Raj


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My Bucket List:

49. Dine in the palace of a Maharaja, as his personal guest.

Of course, I know that this wish is not likely to come to fruition. But, if you can’t be a guest at the Maharaja’s palace, it’s surely a close second to have his jeweler as a guest at yours!

This week it was my pleasure to host Sudi Singhvi, the youngest descendant of a very long and prestigious dynasty of jewelers to the Maharajas of India. For five generations, the patriarchs of Sudi’s family have been trading stones with the Maharajas and creating decadent, new confections to satisfy their royal appetite for sparkle and extravagance. The Singhvis are natural virtuosos of splendor and allure and after 165 years, these gifts have become virtually woven into their DNA.

Sudi Singhvi

Sudi Singhvi


In 1989 Sudi decided to expand the business by capitalizing on the strong relationships that he had formed with American jet-setters, who had purchased his sumptuous creations in New Delhi. A few well-placed telephone calls later, Sudi’s bags were packed and he began meeting in private American homes with small groups of hand-picked clientele. His jewels are a staple for the Grande Dames of the states. He is much too shy and humble to mention names, but those who know-know!


Sudi’s great great grandfather, Lala Manak Chand Singhvi

Sudi’s great grandfather,Lala Guljari Lal Singhvi

Recently, Sudi added works in semi precious stones to update the collection. He also added a website so that his customers can purchase  jewelry without having to wait for his annual visit. Shhhhhh! It’s:

If you are lucky enough to be invited to one of these gatherings, you should consider it an honor. Just talking with Sudi is a thrill. I love hearing about the history of his famous family and anecdotes from all the places that he’s been. He really is charming…so, so charming! I am privileged to call him a new friend.

Picture 17

Picture 21
Picture 26

Headgear of Maharaja Bhupinder Singh

The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra

The Oberoi Amarvilas, Agra


Get the Midas Touch


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The October sky is so beautiful. Everything outdoors seems to glimmer in shades of gold. I just love the depth and richness of autumn light.

Jean Arp

The Dior Palette


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Is there anything more feminine than the Dior palette? I’ve always loved the soft greys and peachy pinks that remain the Dior trademark.
When I was a little girl, my mother had a wonderful knee length, Dior, grey coat with a soft fox trim along the hem.  She looked so glamorous in that coat. Sadly, It ended up in the thrift shop heap (probably during the 80’s when glamour meant slashed, neon sweatshirts and jelly pumps). But, today the Dior Palette is back as the most stylish color scheme for clothing and decor. It’s a great time to bring a little Dior into your own life.

Dior Taipei 101 flagship store by Pure Creative, Taipei store design

Voiture Voyageurs 1ère classe A 151 © C.Recoura

Valentino haute couture

The Danish Fashion and Textile Association Office




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Mary McDonald

Maid in China fashion shoot.

Painting by Kathe Fraga三-the-silk-road/week-3-chinoiserie/

Wartski brooch, c. 1930

Via: Beth Connelly at Chinoisere Chic三-the-silk-road/week-3-chinoiserie/

The jewellery designer Ward Kelvin has created an interesting collection called American Chinoise.